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Don't worry, we have the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions...


What is SMART Repair?

SMART stands for: Small, Medium, Area, Repair, Technology. It is a process of repairing a vehicle to good as new on a localised damaged area and not the whole panel, like traditional body shops, saving time and money.


How long does each repair take?

Each repair is different and varies in time. Our paint techs will advise you on your individual repair.


Is your worked backed up with any guarantee?

Our work is backed up with a lifetime guarantee!


How do you get the correct colour for my car?

We use the unique code on your car and as we mix the paint ourselves, we can guarantee a perfect colour match each time.


When you collect and drop off my car. Are you insured?

Yes, we are covered to drive any vehicle, using our trade plates.


Can you do SMART Repair at my house?

No, we are a static center. We believe to get the perfect finish, it has to be done in a spray booth. This is the only way we can offer our life time guarantee.


I keep hearing smart repair prices, bodyshop quality? What does this mean?

Well, smart repair is usually carried out at your home or work so, because they work out of a van, they have lower overheads hence why they can be very cheap.  We work very hard on keeping the cost of materials low, by working cleanly and efficiently. We then save money and pass that on to our customers. And because we spray in a spray booth our quality is always very high.

So smart repair prices for body shop quality...


Are you a bodyshop?

Yes and no.

No, we are not traditional bodyshop. We don’t do insurance work. If you’ve had a accident, insurance companies can be very tricky to work for and we will ALWAYS put quality over quantity.

Yes, we can do larger repairs like a bodyshop... or even full resprays.


Do you offer same day service?

Yes, all smart repairs are same day service. Your tech will advise you on what is a SMART Repair and what is not.


I know what SMART Repair is? But what’s SMART Repair plus?

SMART Repair plus is where it falls in between SMART Repair and bodyshop. Tradtionally anything larger than an A4 piece of paper was classified as a body shop repair. Using the latest technology, we are now able to offer much larger repairs on a same day service.

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