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Top Gunz is the automotive smart repair service you can trust, because we believe in nothing less than perfection.

When founder Gary Howell first picked up a spray gun as a young lad of sixteen, little did he realize that this very action would lead to an extremely fulfilling career.

Gary worked diligently to learn the art of automotive refinishing (spray painting) and this ambition and drive to succeed has led to his honing of skills and techniques resulted in Gary becoming master of his craft.

The motivating force behind his success is his belief that if a job is worth doing its worth doing properly and with passion.  To be happy with nothing less than perfection and this is now the main essence of the ethos at Top Gunz.


Top Gunz Ethos

We believe that a fantastic spray paint finish can only be achieved with attention to the tiniest detail and meticulous prepping of the item to be sprayed. We are proud of the work we do and our exceptional finishes give your automobile first class results. Our office and vehicle collection staff also strive for the perfection ideal and you will always receive a warm and friendly welcome at Top Gunz which is how we retain our 100% customer satisfaction ratings

Gary spray painting a van panel

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